Ján Solčáni
Born: 28.11.1989, Poprad, Czechoslovakia
Current place of stay: Berlin, Germany


Ján Solčáni moves in his practice between the positions of curator, sound artist and theoretician. His field of interest lies in the phenomena of culture that are perceivable and expressible with sound. He organises a lecture series on contemporary art practice and theory Videogram, is co-founder and curator of music label Skupina, curator of the listening archive Unseen and he organizes activities of the Roman Radkovič Collective. He is currently completing his PhD studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno, Czechia.


Online course for Soundscape Composition as Context-Based Creation, hosted by Emeritus Professor Barry Truax, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Course Translating Spatial Stories hosted by Rossella Biscotti, Salzburg Summer Academy, Salzburg, Austria 
Online course for the Tutorial for the Handbook for Acoustic Ecology, hosted by Emeritus Professor Barry Truax, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Hague, Netherland
… – 2018

Class of Interpretation, AVU, Prague, Czech Republic
… – 2017
PhD Studies, Brno University of Technology Faculty of Fine Arts (Department of Audiovisual Technology), Brno, Czech Republic
2016 – 2013
MA Studies, Masaryk University (Theory of Interactive Media), Brno, Czech Republic, (Thesis)
The University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts (History of Arts), Maribor, Slovenia
2013 – 2009
BA Studies, Masaryk University (Seminar of Aesthetics), Brno, Czech Republic, (Thesis)


Studio Assistant at Visiting Artist’s Studio with AGF, FFA BUT, Brno, Czech Republic
... – 2018
Videogram, FFA BUT, Brno, Czech Republic
Modular training (workshop), FFA BUT, Brno, Czech Republic


art quarter budapest, Budapest, Hungary (Visegrad Visual and Sound Artist residency)
Reaktor, Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava, Slovakia (residency & lecture)
2021 – 2019
Visuals for live sets by Tatiana Heuman (QEEI)
Sonoscopia Associacao Cultural, Porto, Portugal (residency)
Grupo Operário do Ruído: Atlas de Instrumentos Utópicos, Porto, Portugal (concert)
EIRA #3 - Plataforma rádio para residências artísticas (collective radio piece)
Nothing to hear, Kollektiv3:6Koeln, Cologne, Germany (sound installation)
ShSssh It'll be OK!, Štúdio 12, Bratislava, Slovakia (collective performance)
Never-never School, Spolka, Košice, Slovakia (guest-lecturer. Leading the workshop on listening to the spaces "in-between" the urban landscapes)
2019 – 2015
PRAHA / Forum for architecture and media, Brno, Czech Republic
Absence strádáni, Galerie Cela, Opava, Czech Republic (exhibition)
Rozhněvaná planeta 2: Operace pokračuje, Dům umění města Brna, Brno, Czech Republic (collective exhibition)
Mappa: Sound Mapping – Gemerská Gotická Cesta, Slovakia (residency)
Kravin Rural Arts (Visegrad Visual and Sound Artist residency)
Není slyšet, OGV Jihlava, Jihlava, Czech Republic (exhibition)
Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland (internship. As part of a research team led by Maria Brewinska for the exhibition "Beyond the Pleasure Principle. Affective Operations"


Unseen (web archive presenting selected works on listening–space–body)
Sound mapping: Cultural houses (sociological and sound mapping reflecting on the current state of selected post-socialistic spaces. In collaboration with mappa label, Spolka.cc, Dominika Jackuliaková, Tatiana Heuman and Katarína Hládeková)
Nothing to hear, Tabačka Gallery, Košice, Slovakia (sound installation. In collaboration with Ladislav Mirvald)
Königstack (video game navigating through the models of political geography based on Benjamin Bratton’s The Stack. Together with BCAA System, Diffraction Collective and FFA BUT students)
Sound mapping: Gemer Gothic Route (sound mapping of gothic churches. In collaboration with mappa label and Ladislav Mirvald)
2019 – 2018
Final-final (series of lectures, installations and events on contemporary architecture and designing spaces. 
S(o)unday Mixtapes (series of listening events, concerts and workshops for experimental music. PRAHA / Forum for architecture and media, Brno, Czech)
S(o)unday Mixtapes: Sounds Queer? (series of electronic music production workshops for LGBTI+ communities. In collaboration with Sounds Queer?. PRAHA / Forum for architecture and media, Brno, Czech)
HUDBA PRAHA (concerts series and club nights for contemporary electronic and experimental music. PRAHA / Forum for architecture and media, Brno, Czech Republic)

... – 2017
Skupina (co-founder, curator, fundraiser and project manager of music label focused on listening, field-recording and related topics)


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SOLČÁNI Ján, ed. (2020) Nothing to hear. Brno: FFA BUT.
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SOLČÁNI Ján. Listen to ‘in-between’ – notes from terrain or trash methodology. In: GREŠÁKOVÁ Lýdia, Zuzana TABAČKOVÁ and SPOLKA, ed. (2019). Mapping the in-between: Interdisciplinary methods for envisioning other futures. Košice: Spolka.


Slovak – mother tongue, Czech – native speaker, English – C1, German – B2, Polish – A1